Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, for children or adults, e-books or printed books, self-publishing or traditional publishing, I will proofread your final manuscript to perfection.

You want your work to be displayed for what it is--excellent! So, before you publish it, let's make sure that there are no lingering errors that will confuse your readers or damage your reputation. I will check carefully for typographical, grammatical, and formatting errors.

When I am finished you will receive your final manuscript with tracked changes; spelling, grammar and typos corrected; comments where necessary to clarify your writing; and full confidence that your work will be published without errors.


In academics it is very important to submit polished writing. After all the research, writing, and re-writing, you don't want grammar or spelling errors to denigrate your hard work. I will carefully proofread your assignment, paper, article, essay, thesis, or dissertation so that it shines and demonstrates your knowledge.

You will receive a final document with changes tracked, comments regarding any confusing or major changes, and the confidence to submit your work sure that it is your best.

Please note that I am unable at this time to undertake scientific, medical, mathematical, or engineering proofreading.


Your words attract clients and maintain relationships with them. Don’t lose them with confusing language or errors. I will proofread your business writing, whether proposal, business plan, report, marketing copy, or blog to make sure your words say what you want.

You will receive your writing with tracked changes, corrected spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and comments where necessary to clarify. Then you can publish it in full confidence that your intended message is clear!

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For many businesses and individuals, websites and blogs are the primary way to communicate with and attract clients and readers. You've put time and energy into making a great front page, blog post, ad, or website--don't let errors get in the way of your message.

I will proofread your final copy of content for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. You will receive a corrected copy with changes tracked, along with the confidence that your hard work will be published error-free.


If you write on things spiritual, theological, or faith-based, I would like to help your message shine. Whether you are teaching, encouraging, or inspiring with your words, it’s important to communicate clearly.

There are particulars to formatting Biblical references and other spiritual writing content which I can make sure is accurate and consistent.

You will receive a fully proofread final copy with formatting, grammatical, and spelling errors corrected and tracked. With it, you can be confident your message is clear.


Doing business or attending university in English when it’s not your native language is challenging. Allow me to help you communicate by proofreading your writing.

For the ESOL small business owner, I will proofread your final copy of your web content, ads, signs, and other business-related material. You will receive a perfect copy, free of typing, spelling, and grammar errors so that you can grow your business confidently.

For the ESOL student, I will proofread your final copy of your admissions essay, paper, proposal, thesis, or dissertation. You will receive a document with changes tracked, spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors corrected, and the confidence to submit your final copy free of errors.