My Rates

Simply straightforward

Though projects vary, I try to keep the pricing structure simple. I believe in being up front, honest, and straightforward. Requesting a quote below initiates our conversation so that we can be on the same page from the outset.

I charge per word, rather than by the hour. Every project takes a different amount of time, and it is the quality of the project that is of utmost importance. Therefore, regardless of the time it takes me, I charge per word. To figure out how much your project might cost (please request a quote below), simply multiply your word count by my rate of .01 cents a word. This is my starting rate. If what you need includes specialized language, formatting, or more than a proofread, then my rate will increase to compensate. However, we establish this rate after the quote, before the contract and commencement of the project.

If you need a quick turnaround time (24 hours or less) on a project of 2,500 words or less, my rate rises to .03 cents a word. For longer manuscripts on a quick turnaround, please contact me below to discuss the terms. I do not have a minimum charge. Let's start talking, request a quote below!