About Your Proofreader

I'm a warm, thorough, hard-working proofreader ready to help you convey your message clearly and precisely. In all that I do, I apply my desires for quality and good communication. As an Event Supervisor with Two Caterers, I would take the creative and organizational plans others had made and executed them, fine-tuning details on the ground in real time, so that the client's unique event would be perfect. I do the same with proofreading. I take your created content that you've worked so hard on to say what you want it to, and I fine-tune it so that it presents perfectly. In both supervising and proofreading, good communication is imperative. You need your readers, whether it's a professor, client, or reader, to understand your message. As a supervisor, I had to communicate clearly with the team working the event. As a teacher, I have to speak and write clearly for my students to grasp new concepts or master a new grammatical structure. Details matter!

You can be assured that I would do my utmost to work with you to get your message clearly stated. I will communicate with you during the process as clearly as possible. I hope you feel welcome to join me in getting your work polished!