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Kimberley Mulder is an extremely detailed and organized individual. While working with Kimberley, we found that she had a special ability of analyzing information for events. Her attention to detail and flexibility with clients and associates led to many successful events.

Angela Rulli, Two Caterers

Mulderproof is an excellent resource for anyone looking for a trained eye to polish their writing. Our blog has multiple writers and weekly deadlines and Kimberley Mulder has been flexible, a kind communicator, detail oriented, and efficient. I would recommend her to anyone looking for professional proofreading.

Chara Donahue,


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About me

I am a thorough and hard-working proofreader ready to help you convey your message clearly and precisely. In all that I do, I apply my desires for quality and good communication.

As an Event Supervisor with Two Caterers, I would take the creative and organizational plans others had made and execute them, fine-tuning details on the ground in real time, so that the client’s unique event would be perfect. I had to communicate clearly with the catering team and the client at all times so that their event was excellent.

I do the same with proofreading. I take your created content that you’ve worked so hard on to say what you want it to, and I fine-tune it so that it presents perfectly. You need your readers, whether it’s a professor, client, or reader, to understand your message. Details matter!

You can be assured that I will do my utmost to work with you to get your message clearly stated!

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What is proofreading?

Maintaining Consistency

Professional proofreading makes sure your formatting, style, and grammar are consistent so that you will be clear.

Grammar and Punctuation Check

Professional proofreading catches grammar and punctuation errors so that readers will have a smooth, seamless reading experience.


Even online spellchecks and programs do not catch things like homophones (words that sound the same but are spelled differently) which a professional proofreader does.